Wanna Run For Office?


 Have you ever wondered how someone runs for office?  Have you ever thought about running for office yourself?  Have questions?


We are here to help!  Many people wonder how they can help or make a difference in our party, running for local or state level office is one way to serve your country and give back to those around you!

Many people wonder where to start when making the decision to run for office, here are some tips from our current chair, Bryce Smith, who ran for the Iowa House of Representatives in 2016.

“First and foremost, it is important to understand why you are interested in running, what is motivating you to think about running?  I encourage people to run based on your values, work ethic and issues important to you and those around us and not run out of spite, sometimes our elected officials say and do things we do not like, but we cannot run against a person just because we do not like their policies or them as a person, we have to appeal to people based on hope and a brighter future that is different and better than those who currently are in office.”

“Second, talk to those closest to you, running for office is a time commitment and making sure it is something you, your family and those closest to you support and are ready to help with.  Running for office is a big decision and you want to make these big decisions with those closest to you!”

“Third, set goals.  Winning is just one goal of running for office.  For example, I worked really hard to register more people to vote, update voter information for future uses, help other candidates on the ballot and advocate for issues closest to myself and those around me.”

“Finally, Think Local!  School Boards, City Councils, Mayors, County wide positions such as Recorder, Auditor, Supervisor and Treasurer, there are also state level offices such as the Iowa House of Representatives and the Iowa Senate that convene in Des Moines parts of the year.  All of these elected positions are vital to how government works and how it impacts our lives!  Many of these positions from the county level and up are paid positions too.”


Running for office is a very rewarding and exciting experience that can help a lot of people in our communities.  Running as a Democrat can gain you a mountain of resources that the Dallas County Democrats has to offer such as funding, volunteers, press and other avenues of support.  The Dallas County Democrats is also just one area where you can gain support for running for public office!

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