Parades in Dallas County

We are excited for the 2018 political season and with that comes a great way to show visibility for the County Party and our outstanding candidates up and down the ballot!

We are looking for volunteers to attend, walk in, ride in and promote our parades!  Please email: DEMOCRATSFORDALLASCOUNTY@GMAIL.COM and let us know which parades you want to help with!

We are also looking for Democrats who own or would be willing to use their pickup truck and or classic car for a parade or 2!



AUGUST 11th  –  Adel  – line up at 8:15am on Brickyard Rd. (parking at AFFC) parade starts at 9:00am  Booth at the corner of Main St and 9th St. on Square

AUGUST 18th  –  Linden  –  Line up at 10am parade starts at 11am

AUGUST 25th  –  Granger  –  Line up at 9am parade starts at 10am

AUGUST 25th  –  Dallas Center  –  Line up at 9:30am parade starts at 10:30am


We want you to help us reach more voters and parades are the easiest and funnest way to do just that!  Hope you will join us!