Donors and Doers Sustaining Program!

Join the Donors and Doers Sustaining Membership Program today!

Donating monthly and joining the Donors and Doers Sustainable program helps to ensure a successful Democratic Party right here in Dallas County!  Your donations help to grow our party’s reach, by registering more voters, expanding our values and policies as well as directly supporting local Democrats running for office!

We are proud to have donated directly to elected officials & candidates such as:

  • State Representative Kenan Judge (2018 & 2020)
  • State Senator Sarah Trone Garriott (2020)
  • Wayne Reisetter, former County Attorney (2018)
  • Larry Lyon for Dallas County Supervisor (2020)
  • Pat Stalter for Dallas County Supervisor (2018)
  • Breanna Morman for Dallas County Supervisor (2018)
  • Nick Miller for Iowa House 19 (2020)
  • Ryan Morrison for Iowa House 20 (2020)
  • Warren Varley for Iowa Senate 10 (2020)

any many other Democrats up and down the ballots through the last several cycles!

Every dollar adds up!  And today you can sign up and donate monthly to sustain our County Party for months and years to come!  Donate today!