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Let’s win in 2018!  Help us open a field office in Dallas County by contributing today!

What does your donation to the DCD do?

$10, batch of postcard to voters on who to vote for and where to vote

$25, an entire precinct walk packet, printed and ready to hit the streets

$50, one day of operating a field office in Dallas Co

$100, a months worth of supplies for our office

$1,000, a months rent and utilities for our field office!


Every single dollar helps us to reach more voters and to help us elect more Democrats up and down the ballot!  Will you join us in making Dallas County a Democratic strong hold?



The Dallas County Democratic Party of Iowa raises funds to help increase voter turnout, register people to vote, increase participation in our party and politics as well as help local candidates run for office.  The Dallas County Democrats is committed to upholding transparency and integrity when raising money.  Your donations to our county party stays in our county party and helps recruit candidates as well as support them in their efforts to win elections.

Be a Monthly supporter!

By becoming a monthly supporter through our secure donation website, ActBlue, you are ensuring that our county party has the necessary funds to operate and run efficiently!  Every two years we open up a county office headquarters which serves as home base for our local and statewide campaigns to reach more voters and to increase Democratic turnout in our county!  By making your donation monthly, it helps us plan for the future!  As little as $20 per month can go a long way!  Donate here:


Monthly Donation


You can send a check to: Dallas County Democrats at: PO Box 44 Adel, IA 50003