Our organization is funded and works directly for you, the citizen, the voters of Dallas County!  Every dollar we raise is directly used to help elect more Democrats, promote voting and protecting rights of all Americans, Iowans and Dallas County residents!  When you donate, you can be assured that your contribution is going to an organization working hard each and every day to make a difference for everyone

2020 is going to be a crucial year for our organization and we need every volunteer, every donor and every Democrat to help us reach our goals of turning Dallas County Blue!  We have candidates running for re-election, new candidates running for the first time, new residents in need of education on when, where and how to vote as well as protecting our democracy from the Trump Administration!  Together we can make a difference and put Dallas County on the map in 2020!

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You can send a check to: Dallas County Democrats at: PO Box 44 Adel, IA 50003