2020 Caucus

We are looking for precinct leaders and volunteers!  These are very important volunteer roles that help make the caucus run smooth and the overall experience much better for everyone.

Caucus chairs – A person who will run the agenda and lead the caucus

Caucus secretary – this person takes minutes, fills in the forms as the Chair conducts the agenda

Check in volunteers – these people will help check fellow Democrats in, direct people into the designated areas and help folks register to vote if needed

Set up / clean up volunteers – these folks will help set up the caucus, moving any chairs, tables, setting up lines and help the Chair set the area up to conduct the caucus

Greeter – these individuals will help greet Democrats arriving to the caucus, making sure they are entering the right doors, getting into the right lines, helping direct people and or helping people leave when the caucus is done.

All of these jobs and volunteer opportunities are needed in every single caucus location and precinct.  We are in need of volunteers to lead, help lead and help run a successful caucus!  Your help is greatly appreciated!


Learn more on how to be official trained to help and volunteer at the caucus as well as how to help others lead!  visit this website to learn more!