GOP Elected Officials Should Follow David Johnson’s Lead and Stand Up to Trump

DES MOINES—Yesterday, State Senator David Johnson became the first Iowa Republican leader to abandon the Republican Party in response to Trump’s ““racist remarks and judicial jihad”. Johnson has served in the Iowa Legislature for 18 years and represents one of the most conservative areas of the state.

Johnson should be applauded for his bold stand; however higher-profile GOP leaders such as Sen. Grassley and Gov. Branstad continue to refuse calling Trump’s remarks what they are: racism.

IDP Chair Dr. Andy McGuire released the following statement on State Senator David Johnson’s decision to switch his party registration from Republican to No Party:

“Republicans in Iowa and across the country should follow State Senator David Johnson’s lead. It’s not enough to call Trump’s remarks ‘inappropriate’ or ‘offensive’ and then say that you’ll be voting for him anyway. Trump’s racist rhetoric and divisive tactics have no place in our American political discourse. If you are an elected official who agrees that Trump’s racism is unacceptable, then denounce him loudly today. There are no more excuses.

“Governor Branstad’s statement that Trump is not a racist is blind partisanship. Senator Grassley’s willingness to let Donald Trump appoint the next Supreme Court justice is even more egregious and irresponsible after Trump’s attacks on Judge Curiel’s heritage. Donald Trump has clearly invoked racism as an integral portion of his campaign platform. It is Gov. Branstad’s and Sen. Grassley’s obligation as high-profile leaders of this state to denounce Trump’s offensive rhetoric and place their priorities with the good of our country over political posturing.”

One Reply to “GOP Elected Officials Should Follow David Johnson’s Lead and Stand Up to Trump”

  1. Where once “dog whistles” could be subtly sidestepped, Trump’s own words are clarion calls of blatant, repugnant racism.

    Yet another reason why Trump is not qualified to become President. How disgraceful for our country that he is the Republican Party’s candidate. He’s the best you got? Sad.

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