We invite you to attend our next Central Committee Meeting taking place on Monday March 12th at 6:30pm at the Adel Public Library!  Let’s work together to take back our state and country!

The Dallas County Convention will take place on Saturday March 24th at the ADM Middle School Commons; 801 Nile Kinnick Dr. Adel, IA 50003; doors opening at 8am





The Democrats of Dallas County is the people’s political party organized by grassroots efforts, individual donations, and volunteerism from all corners of the county.  We are committed to upholding values, morals and principles that expand and promote democracy, participation, community service and Democratic ideals.  This organization is dedicated to every citizen regardless of gender, age, income, employment, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or creed!  We believe that when we work together, we are stronger together!


On this website you will find helpful information such as how to donate to our cause, find candidates running for office who will be on the ballot in Dallas County, find helpful links and get in contact with us!