The Next Central Committee Meeting:

January 11th VIA ZOOM at 6:30pm



The Dallas County Democratic Party is the official representation of the Democratic Party in Dallas County and in conjunction with the Iowa Democratic Party.  Our mission is to uphold the Democratic Constitution, By-Laws, and Platform while making sure every citizen of Dallas County has a voice in government and politics.  Our Democratic Central Committee meets monthly under the leadership of our Executive Committee and Chair, Bryce Smith.  All registered Democrats are welcome to attend our monthly meetings.  Please visit our Get Involved page to learn more!

The Dallas County Democratic Party stands for and believes:

Human rights, civil rights, equality, equity, equal pay, protecting our constitutional rights!

Climate Change is real, humans have the most important role in protecting our planet!

Science and facts are important!

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege, it must be accessible, affordable and equitable!

Public education is the cornerstone of our society and we will vote to protect it, promote it, fund it, and advance it.

Sustainable and clean energy resources

Small farming and sustainable agricultural practices

Fair and safe trade deals that help working Americans and small farmers

Protecting and funding Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.