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Grand Opening

Click here to RSVP!!!

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Scott Heldt for Iowa House District 20

Scott Heldt, candidate for Iowa House District 20, is a hardworking, pragmatic progressive that will take on our toughest challenges to secure Iowa’s future.

Heldt grew up in Perry, Iowa with parents who taught him the value of hard work at a very young age. Starting at the age of 14, he baled hay, detasseled corn, worked as lifeguard at the local pool, and took out groceries, all while participating in numerous extracurricular activities at Perry High School. These experiences helped Heldt to learn the strength of building relationships throughout the community.

For more information:  Scott Heldt for Iowa House  and / or Request a yard sign.

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Andrew Barnes for State Senate District 22

Dallas County Democrats in District 22 can cast their ballot in November for Andrew Barnes.  Andrew has been reaching out to voters every week to share his vision for our state’s future. We must have legislators that keep the big picture in mind when setting a budget and proposing legislation. With your help, Andrew can be one of them. But he needs all of our help.  District 22 includes:

  • All Waukee residents
  • All West Des Moines residents in Dallas County
  • All Clive residents
  • All Windsor Heights residents
  • Small area of WDSM residents in Polk County (under interstate)

Barnes for Iowa / Barnes.4.Iowa@gmail.com / 515-423-0321

Barnes for State Senate

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Exciting Website Update!

DCD Blank

We are happy to announce our new website: www.DallasCoDems.org

The Social Media Committee has been reviewing the feedback provided by members of the Dallas County Democrats and heard that members wanted a shorter website/email that was easier to remember.  Your opinions matter to us so we have been working to update all of our social media sites and website to make them all more uniformed and user friendly!

In addition to the updated web address, we have also added a simplified our email address for members to send communications to! You can now send emails to: info@DallasCoDems.org  You can also send an email to the inbox at: DemocratsForDallasCounty@gmail.com both email addresses will continue to be monitored!

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GOP Elected Officials Should Follow David Johnson’s Lead and Stand Up to Trump

DES MOINES—Yesterday, State Senator David Johnson became the first Iowa Republican leader to abandon the Republican Party in response to Trump’s ““racist remarks and judicial jihad”. Johnson has served in the Iowa Legislature for 18 years and represents one of the most conservative areas of the state.

Johnson should be applauded for his bold stand; however higher-profile GOP leaders such as Sen. Grassley and Gov. Branstad continue to refuse calling Trump’s remarks what they are: racism.

IDP Chair Dr. Andy McGuire released the following statement on State Senator David Johnson’s decision to switch his party registration from Republican to No Party:

“Republicans in Iowa and across the country should follow State Senator David Johnson’s lead. It’s not enough to call Trump’s remarks ‘inappropriate’ or ‘offensive’ and then say that you’ll be voting for him anyway. Trump’s racist rhetoric and divisive tactics have no place in our American political discourse. If you are an elected official who agrees that Trump’s racism is unacceptable, then denounce him loudly today. There are no more excuses.

“Governor Branstad’s statement that Trump is not a racist is blind partisanship. Senator Grassley’s willingness to let Donald Trump appoint the next Supreme Court justice is even more egregious and irresponsible after Trump’s attacks on Judge Curiel’s heritage. Donald Trump has clearly invoked racism as an integral portion of his campaign platform. It is Gov. Branstad’s and Sen. Grassley’s obligation as high-profile leaders of this state to denounce Trump’s offensive rhetoric and place their priorities with the good of our country over political posturing.”

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Vilsack Fundraiser

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Dallas County Democrat T-Shirts

Buy a t-shirt and support Dallas County Democrats!!!  T-shirts are available at all Central Committee meetings, social gatherings, parades and all other events. Cost is $15.00. They can be purchased via mail for $15.00 plus shipping. Email democratsfordallascounty@gmail.com to get your t-shirt.


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A Messsage from Bryce Smith


Bryce Smith

I hope 2016 is off to a great start!  I wanted to update you on my campaign for the Iowa House of Representatives:

2016 is gearing up to be a big year for the Bryce 4 Iowa campaign!  The election is just under 11 months away and my team is working hard to set up a strong campaign geared towards bringing common sense, hard work and a voice for all back to district 19 and the state of Iowa!
Because people like you are interested and concerned, I am working on several pressing issues vital for the future of the state of Iowa.
Education funding:  This is yet again another hot button issue at the State Capitol as the House Republican majority is low balling our public education system again.  Every Iowan is affected by public education and when our elected officials fail to adequately fund it, our students, our schools and our communities suffer.  Larger class sizes, older textbooks, outdated technology, lower wages, fewer benefits, longer days, more consolidation, and less learning are the result!  We can and must do better in 2016!
I plan to bring common sense budgeting practices to the Iowa house.  As a small business owner and operator,  I do this every day.  I balance the checkbook and count pennies!  If the Iowa people do this every day, why can’t our elected officials?  It is time that we have hard working elected officials who will get our Iowa tax code back to an equal and simple form without cutting programs and slashing funding.
I strongly support the growth and technology around renewable energy and sustainability.  All of us are looking for ways to save money, and when we invest into renewable energy it pays off!  A prime example is my small business:  We installed a new heating and cooling high efficiency system along with new LED lights throughout the building.  In the first month I could tell a difference on our utility bill and with the available rebates, our initial costs was greatly reduced.
Together we can bring back true representation and make sure everyone has a voice at our State Capitol!  I want your support, and I want to take the 30,000 people who live in district 19 to the State Capitol with me in 2017!  I ask for your support!  Let’s make 2016 a great year and bring back common sense representation to Iowa and our communities!
Donate today to Bryce 4 Iowa to make this campaign succeed! Thank you for your support. We cannot do it without you.
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